Mattel Toy Alarm – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Set / Edit / Delete Alarm

How many alarms can I set?

  • You can set as many alarms as you like.

How do I edit an alarm?

  • Go to [Alarm List] and tap on the pencil icon of the alarm you want to edit.

How do I delete an alarm?

  • Go to [Alarm List] and tap on the trash bin icon. Select the box next to the alarm or choose “Select all” if you wish to delete all alarms. Tap on “Delete” at the bottom to delete the selected alarm(s).

Can I add my own activities?

  • No. You may only choose from the default set of activities.

Alarm Ring

Can I stop the alarm without playing the game?

  • Yes. You can stop the alarm by tapping the “Emergency exit” button on the top right corner.


How do you play “Turn the Train Tracks” (Thomas & Friends™)?

  • Tap on train tracks to rotate them. Make a path that guides Thomas back to his station.

How do you play “Wake up Briar Beauty!” (Ever After High™)?

  • [For devices with gyroscope functionality] Shake your device to wake up Briar Beauty.
  • [For devices without gyroscope functionality] Swipe as fast as possible to wake up Briar Beauty.

How do you play “Reach the Goal” (Hot Wheels™)?

  • Tap as quickly as you can to speed up and reach the finish line.


How can I change my theme?

  • Go to [Settings] → [Theme] to change your theme.

Where can I get more themes?

  • Additional themes are available for purchase at the [Shop]. Each package contains a unique theme and interface, a ringtone, and a mini-game.